Please fill in the dates of the person submitting the request and the billing adress.
The person submitting the request doesn´t need not be the person traveling (see below).

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(Please fill in the email address you want your invitation to be sent to. Invitation(s) will be sent as PDF files.)

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Please fill in the requested dates of all persons in need of an invitation for Russia. We need the dates exactly as they state in your passport.
If you want to get invitations for more than 3 people, please, repeat the request.

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If your country is not in the list: Unfortunately we have permission to issue tourist invitation letters only for the citizens of the countries listed in the pull down menu above (due to restrictions of the Russian Ministery of Foreign Affaits). If you are a citizen of another country you can not apply for a invitation here. We are very sorry about that.


Please use the following lines/spaces to fill in information about your travel dates and period of travelling.

You can order the invitation for a period of 3 days, two or four weeks. Information regarding place of visit or accommodation are not neccessarily required. If you have them available though, please state them as it would make the process of registration easier once in Russia.

Be sure that your real time of travel will be during the time stated in your invitation. You are allowed to enter and leave the country on any day you like as long as those dates are during the period stated on your visa. Hence, it is of upmost importance, that you don't enter the country before your visa starts or leave after the expiration of your visa.

Date of arrival in Russia:

Visa valid for:

Expected destination city*:

If you choose "not known by now", you will get a tourist voucher for Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Expected accommodation*:

*Note: The expected destination and accommodation is meant for the first 3 working days of your stay. This information is not neccessarily required, but it will make the process of registration in Russia easier. It is no problem to change your travel plans as no destination nor accommodation remarks will be stated in your visa. Russian visas are valid for the entire Russian Federation.

Car details (only if you arrive by private car):

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NOTE:   We do NOT accept Visa Electron cards!
Credit cards starting with 417500, 4917 or 4913 are Visa Electron Cards and are not valid for online Payment !


Please check all given dates!
If your application form contains mistakes (e.g. spelling mistakes) the same mistakes will be on your invitation. In that case you have to apply for a new invitation and will be required to pay again.